How AI is transforming the future of public health, the environment, work, entertainment and culture

AI is already embedded in all aspects of life - our financial, work, leisure, and social life are all currently being impacted by it. Following this trend forward, how will AI continue to affect our lives, and how might we best direct it towards solving the issues and concerns we are facing today, such as public health and the environment? Further, what data governance issues should we be watching out for, and how will AI facilitate the management of these problems?

MIT Technology Review Arabia is pleased to invite you to its second virtual conference this year where you can get insights directly from global experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers all working to understand AI and its far-reaching implication on sustainability, health, work, entertainment and culture.

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Episode 1. AI Reshaping Public Health

COVID-19 has truly opened our eyes to the current limitations of our existing policies and systems in governing and managing a pandemic of such a wide scope. Some responses have had more success than others, and many of the most successful have incorporated technology to aid in their monitoring and policy making. What AI systems and abilities will we want to carry in creating public health policies and treatments going forward?

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Episode 2. AI’s impact on the environment

The debate is over, and climate impact is upon us. As we witness global changes, AI is both part of the solution offering ways to marshal resources properly such as controlling mineral mining for optimal output and minimal damage; as well as part of the problem, with the power needed to operate AI generating a sizable footprint. How can we maximize the benefit offered to us by AI while mitigating the effects of using it in the first place?

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Episode 3: How AI is transforming entertainment and culture

This episode examines just how AI is transforming entertainment and culture in much the same vein it has done the other fields discussed, and what ethical and aesthetic considerations must be considered when using AI in this fashion.


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